Bachelor of Business Administration

Hult’s transformative Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is designed around the universal truth that to master a skill—any skill, from riding a bike to leading a team—it must be practiced. As every business person will say: knowledge of theory alone is not enough to be successful. At Hult, practical learning challenges are integrated into your entire program—ensuring you understand the relevant theory while developing the mindsets and skills essential for a career on a global scale.



Do more, faster

All students can graduate faster by earning credits over the summer, meaning some highly ambitious students graduate in as little as two years. Tuition is calculated per credit rather than per year, so the cost remains the same however you choose to progress through the program. You can also add a master’s with just nine months of additional study with our Dual Degree option.

*Masters program offerings are subject to change


Do what you love

Your choice of specialization gives you the opportunity to explore your passion while providing the expertise, knowledge, and professional skills necessary to give you an edge in that field upon graduation. You don’t have to choose right away; you can even decide not to specialize and graduate with a general BBA when you take a wide variety of modules that interest you.

**Can also be taken as minors


Practical challenges, not just theory

Business is about getting things done. Traditional lectures and textbooks will only get you so far, which is why all of Hult’s undergraduate modules are centered on practical business challenges. Through live client consulting, hackathons, business simulations, and complex team projects—you’ll apply contemporary theory to creatively solve the challenges businesses are facing right now.


Test your skills, not just your memory

You’ll be assessed throughout the program on the essential mindsets and skills that are foundational to your entire career and genuinely matter to employers. So you can focus on your performance in challenges, rather than simply memorizing facts for exams. Workshops on these skills are integrated into the modules and you’ll have access to your assessments via an online dashboard to see how you are progressing.


Active coaching, not just advising

Each student has a personal career and development coach, who you’ll meet with throughout your time at Hult. They’ll work with you to evaluate your skills assessments, better understand your strengths and weaknesses, and help to connect all of your learnings with your career goals. Forget careers teams that you never meet—at Hult you’ll have 1-2-1 support that begins before you even set foot on campus.


Graduate with a portfolio, not just a diploma

All of your experience and achievements will be recorded in an online business portfolio, which will provide concrete examples to share with employers. Everything from project management planning to a TEDx talk to a digital marketing campaign can be captured to demonstrate the tangible outcomes of your degree and showcase your mastery of business skills.

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