70-80% of job opportunities are never posted online. So how do you reach them? To be competitive, you’ll need a strategy. You’ll accelerate your career journey with an individualized plan, including resumes and professional branding, to make sure your time and energy is used most effectively. Be sure to get out and explore your city too—off-campus networking, societies, and internships are all invaluable experiences.

“When you’re able to showcase the ‘why’ and ‘how’ in your story, it adds authenticity.”

Mandeep Sahota


Career Advisor, Hult International Business School

Former Recruiter, HR, & Talent Acquisition Strategist

10 Years' Recruitment Experience

Mandeep is one of our global team of advisors working to empower students with everything they need to succeed in the working world.

What is personal branding and why is it important?

It’s how you’re known or thought of by other people. It’s an important tool to use when presenting who you are, what you can do, and why people should want to work with you. When you’re able to showcase the “why” and “how” in your story, it adds authenticity, which is interesting to employers.

You make a great new connection—what next?

Understand your mission—what do you want out of this new relationship? The follow-up is important as it sets the tone and encourages a mutual exchange of information. Ask open questions, be insightful, and show them what you know. It’ll lead to a more meaningful conversation.


companies hired Hult graduates across 41 countries

“You need to understand what makes you special.”

Sebastian Ramirez


Business Strategy Manager, bitFlyer Group

Class of 2018

Sebastian secured his role at Bitcoin exchange marketplace bitFlyer using the lessons he learned at Hult to help him stand out from the crowd.

How did the careers team help you prepare for the working world?

The job market is extremely competitive. You need to understand what makes you special, and that’s what the team helped me accomplish. From advice on building a resume to sharing communication strategies, they were supportive and instrumental in helping me to build my story.

Was there anything special about your Hult degree that made you stand out?

Being a close-knit community, Hult gave me the opportunity to connect with the professors and staff on a personal level. When you’re just starting to define what you want your career to look like, getting firsthand insights from faculty is so important. It's an opportunity that not a lot of people get at many schools.

Who will I work with?

Hult graduates are working at companies like:

Odoo Bloomberg Amazon SAP Levi Strauss Domino's Pizza Canon E.ON Inhouse Consulting Hyundai Motor eBay

Morgan Stanley Red Bull Raiffeisen Sotheby's Wish EY Unilever Foxtons Accenture Havas

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Unless otherwise noted, all data is based on Hult’s Undergraduate Class of 2020 reporting employment six months post-graduation.