What makes a great candidate? Preparation, self-reflection, and the confidence to stand out against the competition. Your career advisors will equip you with the interview skills to drive you forward and build the professional reputation you deserve. Gaining experience along the way with an internship can also increase your employability and might just be a gateway to a full-time role.

“So many people across different levels were open to answering questions and sharing their experiences.”

Zafar Sayfilloev


Associate Account Strategist, Google (Dublin)

Bachelor of Business Administration, Class of 2019

Zafar discovered his internship at Google through his network and learned valuable lessons from it.

What did you gain from your internship?

I had the opportunity to speak with potential future teammates which was so valuable for helping me understand if the role was in sync with my career aspirations. I was surprised to find so many people across different levels were open to answering my questions and sharing their experiences. Also, there were plenty of chances to socialize and build my network which was great!

What have you learned that you’ll take forward?

Be open-minded and explore different sectors. Don’t confine yourself because you might learn that you fit better elsewhere. When you make a decision about your career, make sure that the future place is really in sync with your values and goals—the way to do that is to ask questions.


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