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“I understood that I had to create an environment around me where I felt uncomfortable.”

Gabriela Garrido


Account Executive, Havas SO

Bachelor of Business Administration, Class of 2020

Gabriela chose London for her undergraduate program and was determined to start her career in the UK upon graduation.

What was your goal?

After doing an internship in market research and advertising back home, I knew that after graduation I wanted to work at an agency abroad. Having spent four years studying here [in London], I wanted to translate the commitment my family and I had made to my education into starting a career here.

What did you do to reach it?

I understood that I had to create an environment around me where I felt uncomfortable. I made a conscious effort to work with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and ways of thinking, which pushed me to be more curious about the world and others. It really helped me develop the social skills that are essential in communication.

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