Your career is a lifelong journey. At Hult, you’ll learn to navigate its path by following the ROAD Map: a four-step practice, guided by dedicated career advisors, that will set the strategy to lead you to your goals. Why choose Hult? The skills you learn in our undergraduate program have been identified by big data as those most in demand across all industries and functions, globally. The network you join—one of 130+ nationalities—will last a lifetime, thanks to an alumni network of 27,000+. And you can take your learning around the world, too, at one or more of our global campuses. Your journey starts here.

Get to know just a few of our career advisors, whose recruitment backgrounds and real-world experience will guide you on your way.

“Devise a strategy, build an effective personal brand, and start building valuable relationships.”

Sarah Cotterill

New Zealander Career Advisor, Hult London Undergraduate

Tom Lynch


Career Advisor, Hult Boston

What do you love about your job?

My favorite question is, ‘Tom, I have no idea what I want to do. What do I do!?’ I’ve been there and can completely relate. I work 1-2-1 with students to uncover their interests, identify their top skills, and reflect on their experiences. Things naturally start to become clearer for students about their career direction, and I see them go from strength to strength. Being part of someone’s Hult journey, and seeing what they accomplish after, just doesn’t get old.

Alexandra Warin


Career Advisor, Hult London

Former Recruiter, Boston Consulting Group Trained in Transformational Coaching 6+ Years’ Recruitment Experience

What can a former recruiter bring to coaching?

I can answer questions about recruiting processes, know what recruiters look for in an application, how internal referrals work, and how to prepare for interviews. I draw from my recruiter’s experience in almost all my advising sessions. When I review students’ resumes, I always put myself back into my old recruiter’s shoes to make sure that I give the best possible advice.

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