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Do a DBA with a difference

This program embodies Hult's mission to be the most relevant business school in the world. You'll begin your doctoral journey by identifying a major business challenge that's directly relevant to you and is not currently addressed by contemporary theories. During the program, you'll create novel, rigorous tools to help your company­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­—and others like it—solve these problems. These solutions will give you a path to career advancement or a transition to a career in teaching or consulting.

Flexible, accelerated study

Study a hybrid format, part-time, and graduate with a US doctorate in only 30 months.

Create tools everyone needs

Create novel, relevant, impactful tools that will improve the practice of management—and your own career.

Become an expert

You’ll be challenged to give new answers to new questions and elevate your expertise.

Take your education further

Go beyond a masters qualification and gain the skills and mindset attained at doctoral level.

Gain academic recognition

Earn the prestige and recognition that comes with having a demonstrated high level of academic expertise.

Stay ahead of the game

The realities of business practice are changing faster than the theories that explain them.

Balance work, study, and family

Easily integrate study with your professional and personal life with limited travel and visa obligations.

Is there a doctor in the house?

Earn a title that reflects your career achievements and one of the highest academic accolades.

Relevance at every step

The entire program is centered around problems, tools, and people that are directly relevant to you, your company, and your field.

Solve real-world problems

Identify the problem that affects you and your business most and solve it through rigorous research and novel tool creation.

Our pioneering DBA is for hard-working and reflective professionals who want to make a real difference at work, in their career, and in their life. The program gives those that take their career advancement seriously the chance to earn a DBA that is relentlessly focused on relevant application.”

Johan Roos, PhD Chief Academic Officer and Professor of General Management and Strategy

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