Hult’s Player-Coaches

Who better to coach you through finding, and landing, the job you want than former recruiters themselves? With insider knowledge, local expertise, and years of experience on the job, our career advisors work with you one-on-one, from day one, to get you where you want to be at graduation.

Mandeep Sahota


Former Recruiter, HR, & Talent Acquisition Strategist

Career Advisor, Hult International Business School

10+ Years’ Recruitment Experience

Hult: What brought you to Hult? Mandeep: As a recruiter, I would come across Hult students applying for roles in the companies I was working for and they stood out to me. I’ve always worked in startup culture environments and am suited to places that encourage autonomy with a solid team spirit. That’s what I found at Hult.

H: How do you stay up to date? M: I attend all the corporate events that happen on campus to keep an eye on the market trends and expand my knowledge. It’s what we encourage our students to do but we also do it as well.

Catherine Le Ruyet


Former Silicon Valley Recruiter & HR Representative

Career Advisor, Hult International Business School

6+ Years’ Recruitment Experience

Hult: What was your experience prior to Hult? Catherine: I worked for more than six years as a recruiter in Silicon Valley’s alternative energy startup space. I did my undergraduate degree in Environmental Conservation, so it was great to combine two things that I am passionate about: the environment and helping people advance in their careers.

H: How does Hult compare to Silicon Valley? C: Hult runs like the startups I used to work at. Both are constantly changing and innovating to meet the needs of their internal and external “customers.” Both are fast-paced international environments open to new ideas and technology.

David Sheehan


Former Finance Headhunter, City of London

Career Advisor, Hult International Business School

18 Years’ Recruitment Experience

Hult: How do you see your role? David: To empower the students to maximize their potential and find their own path to succeed. We need to be a combination of coach, mentor, therapist, confidant, and sometimes school principal!

H: How do you cater for so many different career goals? D: If a student is interested in a field that I lack expertise in, I collaborate with my global careers team to ensure I can get that student access to specific knowledge as quickly as possible. The level of care for the students and the amount of detail that’s involved in creating tailored career content for them is remarkable.

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