Personal Support

With Every Step

Your Hult experience will be defined as much by what happens outside the classroom as inside. It’s the people that will really make the difference—people who know you, care about you, and are invested in your success. Here, from the moment you contact us, through the challenges of your degree to long after you graduate, you’ll have a support network of Hult staff whose first priority is making your experience the best it possibly can be.

Andika Ekaputri


Regional Director of Enrollment

“No student is the same, every backstory is diverse, every dream is different; and therefore every student deserves to be treated in a personalized way that suits them. Our goal as an enrollment team is to make sure students know we’re 100% here for them.”

Mo Willan, PhD


Dean of Undergraduate Program

“Every year I meet new students with unique goals, different talents, and relentless determination to dream big and achieve great things. As a professor and mentor, I want to do everything in my power to help students achieve their goals and reach their potential.”

Mandi Curtis


On-Site Counselor

“It’s easy to get so wrapped up in our own thoughts that we begin to fear there’s something ‘weird’ or ‘bad’ or ‘broken’ with us—but the truth is that nothing about us is alien. It’s okay to ask for help; no topics are off-limits.”

Tom Lynch


Career Development Manager

“My favorite question is, ‘Tom, I have no idea what I want to do. What do I do!?’ I’ve been there and can completely relate. I work 1-2-1 with students to uncover their interests, identify their top skills, and reflect on their experiences.”

Alumni Connections

Alumni Webinars

Jared Wilson


Executive MBA, Class of 2019

Chief Innovation Officer & Managing Director of Global Sales, ABCD & Company

Designed to keep the community connected, alumni host and attend webinars on a wide range of topics.

“I had the privilege of speaking to current students and alumni during Hult’s London campus speaker series and presented a masterclass through Hultrepreneurs. This is a great way to engage with individuals that have different mindsets and skillsets from your own.”

Alumni Mentoring

Rienzo Bohm


Master of Finance, Class of 2014

Head of Pricing, Planning, Controlling & Commercial Analytics, Solarisbank AG

Our alumni have a wealth of experience that students can leverage to help them get ahead, faster.

“I know what it feels like to be a student confused on what direction to take your career or what industry to go into. But as a working professional, I think students can benefit from my hindsight and guidance.”

Hult Hires Hult

Nitin Sethi


MBA, Class of 2018

Program Manager, Capgemini

When alumni are looking to strengthen their team, they often hire talent from their alma mater.

“I was looking for team members to support me on a global transformation project, so the candidates needed to have cross-cultural skills. I knew Hult students would have the skills I was seeking.”

Alumni Chapters

Naomi Thompson

South African

MBA, Class of 2017

Global Vice President, Legal Solutions, Exigent Group Limited

Connect with alumni through different events like social meetups, community cleanups, or workshops.

“During my MBA I built strong relationships with my peers, and I didn’t want to lose those connections when I returned to South Africa. For many, the chapter is as much for personal support as it is professional.”


of alumni have been promoted or grown in their company since graduation, The Economist, Executive MBA Ranking, 2020

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