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Teaching at Hult

Highly regarded around the world as top consultants, executives, and entrepreneurs, the professors who deliver our program bring their experience, business acumen, and passion into the classroom. Learn from those that turn teaching into an unforgettable experience.


David James American Marketing Professor

How would you describe your teaching style?

I keep my classes fun, engaging, and memorable. I always give my students relevant business topics to think about, then I show them unique ways to look at challenges and solutions which books and Google won’t. I love entrepreneurship, psychology, and strategy, so I bring my passion and enthusiasm to every class, which students pick up on very quickly.

Why is a global education important for business students?

To open their eyes and make them culturally aware and sensitive to others’ points of view. Everyone has an angle and every voice should be heard.

How would you describe Hult students?

Inquisitive. Energized. Multinational world-changers. Multicultural in everything they do.


Selina Neri Italian Organizational Behavior & International Marketing Professor

How has your international experience shaped you?

I’ve lived, studied, and worked in so many countries—including Italy, England, and the US—every time experiencing a very different culture. This has made me who I am today, and I feel comfortable in any cultural context as I’ve learned to appreciate diversity. I like to think anywhere can be my “home country”—for the last seven years it’s been Dubai.

What are your classes like?

I keep my courses relevant to the current and future challenges businesses are facing. I challenge my students to think in a different way, so they develop transferable skills that can be used across any industry. My classes aren’t lectures—they’re experiences where we deep-dive into specific topics and companies, leadership styles, behaviors, and best and worst case examples. I rarely use textbooks—only when they’re relevant to student learning.


Dr. Viktoria Dalko Hungarian Finance Professor

How do you bring the “learn by doing” method into the classroom?

My goal is to have students job-ready on day one. To achieve this, I teach them practical skills that are relevant in today’s fast-changing environment. Through business challenges, I train students to think creatively, take innovative risks, and think outside the box. You only improve business when you challenge the status quo.

What stands out to you the most about Hult?

The level of diversity is unparalleled, and it runs deep in everything we do, teach, and expect from our students. Many students and parents have told me that Hult was their first choice because of its multicultural community and international environment. This is the place to be for those who respect and benefit from diversity and want to build new opportunities in new countries.

Complete the sentence: “To me, Hult is…”

A global hub of high-impact innovations.


Maithily Erande Indian Data Analytics Professor

What is your teaching style?

I bring the hands-on approach into the classroom where students learn through workshops and boot camps, earning badges and certificates through the courses. I believe that skills-based education—connecting the concepts with application—is what employers are looking for.

Why do you think it’s important for business students to receive a global education?

We live and work in much more of a connected world than ever before. Students need to be able to adapt to different styles of communication, cultural expectations, and truly embrace becoming a global citizen.

What is the “essence” of Hult in your opinion?

Relevant, agile in a changing business world, and fun!


Larry Louie Chinese/American Finance, Accounting & Entrepreneurship Professor

What are some common traits among Hult students?

Most Hult students are self-confident, ambitious, talented, and have an international outlook. Many of them move to a new country to study at Hult’s different campuses, and naturally adapt to the unfamiliar environment by getting involved in campus events and clubs.

What do you think makes the learning experience at Hult different from other schools?

While Hult’s faculty brings experience from all over the world, making it a unique learning environment, I think the student body plays an equally big part. With differences across multiple dimensions— countries of origin, gender, religion, socioeconomic backgrounds, shy vs. outgoing, and academic thinkers vs. innovative creators—students develop team communication and conflict resolution.

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