Do Growth

because a constantly changing world needs adaptable leaders.


We asked two students to chart key points on their Hult journey, from start to finish. What you see is their personal growth story.

Great Leaders

Are Grown

How do you define personal growth? There are as many answers to that question as there are people to answer it. When we ask our students to describe their Hult experience, we hear the same thing again and again: “life changing.” But when we ask how, every answer is different. We aim to help students be the best version of themselves and become the resilient, self-aware, ethical leaders the future needs. So that they can continue to improve not only their own lives but the business community and society as a whole.

Lead, Reflect, Repeat

Cari Guittard, MPA


Gender Intelligence, Crisis Management, Geopolitical Risk & Corporate Diplomacy, and Futures Strategy Professor

Change Agent, ChangeX Management Group

Senior Associate, Gender Intelligence Group

Professor of Practice

“I’m committed to bringing the real world into the classroom through practical exercises and insights. There are leadership and strategic influence elements in every session of mine. We attract and nurture students who I truly believe will make a positive impact in the world.”

Robert Neer, PhD


Global Business, Law, and History Professor

Author, Napalm: An American Biography, Harvard University Press, 2013

Associate Professor

“Learning is in part a process of self-discovery: understanding how best to approach the world, given one’s skills, to obtain a desired outcome in the most efficient way possible. Experience is the great teacher of leadership skills. Education can enhance and accelerate its effects.”

Amira Alfa


Team Leader, Global Supply Chain Data, Bloomberg LP

Executive MBA, Class of 2019

“Convincing companies to implement transformational change is very challenging. Hult’s program has helped me build strong confidence, self-awareness, and self-reflection as well as focus on using business as a force for good and creating a better future for generations to come.”

Laura Schweigert


Senior Analyst, TriNet

Master of Business Analytics, Class of 2019

“The leadership classes changed me the most—being pushed outside my comfort zone. Data people like me can tend to hide behind a screen. I also want to be an inspiration for younger people—to drive people to be the best version of themselves.”

Ted Ladd, PhD


Entrepreneurship Professor

Dean of Research

Dean, Hult San Francisco

Academic Director, Hult’s Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA)

“We don’t do research at Hult that is purely theoretical. Our mission at Hult is to be the most relevant business school in the world, so we’re not producing articles or books to accumulate dust in a library. We are reaching students and managers in a way that not only provides a solution to their business problems, but also helps them implement the solution themselves.”

Selina Neri, PhD


Dean, Hult Dubai

Professor of Management & Corporate Governance

Presented to: Academy of Management 2020

Research focus: Corporate purpose, board engagement, investor activism, ESG

Published in: Encyclopedia of Sustainable Management (Springer, 2020)

“When I enter a research project, I start with the end in mind—what is the relevance of this to business practice? Our research identity is based on rigor, relevance, and no boundaries—such is the nature of business in the 21st century. At traditional schools, faculty may disappear for months on a research project. That doesn’t happen with us. There’s a constant loop of teaching and research.”

Lifelong Learning by Doing

Change, growth, and learning never stop. Whichever stage you’re at when you do your first degree with Hult, you’ll need to continually refresh your knowledge, skills, and qualifications throughout your career. Whether your goals change, or your industry does, our lifelong learning options enable you to stay up to date and relevant—always.


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