Building a Better Future Together

Sustainable Careers—Many of our alumni, just some of whom are featured in this brochure, are choosing careers in the sustainability and social impact space. Whether they’re tackling local issues through their own business or working within existing companies to address global concerns, Hult graduates are making a difference across many regions and sectors.

Ethical Partnerships—From the clients for our business challenges to the subjects of case studies to the speakers on campus, we aim to partner with companies that prioritize ethics and sustainability. Recent partnerships include: United Nations Development Program, World Health Organization, UNICEF, The Catalyst, The Climate Group, One Degree Academy, Plastic-Free Hackney, and Unilever.

Responsible Curriculum—Hult’s entire academic model is structured to prepare students for leadership roles in a more inclusive, global economy. Every core course in every Hult program has an ethics, responsibility, and sustainability component.

Impactful Challenges—Business challenges with societal impact are embedded across all Hult curricula, while the challenge of solving pressing social issues through business has been opened up to the global student community with the Hult Prize.

Conscious Courses—As well as UN development goals being integrated across all our core programs, we offer many electives that focus specifically on societal impact such as: Ethics in Business, Exploring Self & Society, Design Thinking for Social Impact, Socially Responsible Business, Business & Global Society, Social Innovation, and Future Mindset.

Action-Oriented Clubs—Our campuses have a thriving network of extracurricular activities and student clubs relating to societal impact. Some current active clubs include: Sustainable Futures Club, Impact Investment Club, Entrepreneurship 4 Sustainability, and Social Entrepreneurship Society.

Low-Carbon Campuses—We’ve got a long way to go, but we actively manage environmental and social impact through how we manage our campuses. Initiatives include: free reusable water bottles, wastefree recycling programs, on-site composting, single-use plastics reduction, energy-efficient design and engineering, and sustainability-focused operations managers.

Impact Is Everything

Through business, we can transform society in ways we never thought possible. At Hult, you’ll join a community of students, professors, and alumni who are committed to making a difference and develop the skills, and the network, to make a real impact on the future. Here, we celebrate some of the people using their passion to make change happen.

JC Seghers


Master of International Relations, Class of 2010

Climate & Public Affairs Manager, Tetra Pak

Founder, Circular Hospitality

For over six years, JC worked with the Under2 Coalition, the largest network of states and regions committing to a very ambitious 2050 GHG reduction target. “I always wanted to have a career with a purpose. Significantly reducing emissions is feasible.”

Omar Romero-Hernandez, PhD


Data Analytics, Operations, Project Management & Sustainability Professor

Omar uses his mastery of numbers to transform the lives of disadvantaged communities in his native Mexico as well as in Central Africa and Southeast Asia. “I came from a developing country, and I am very conscious of the inequality that prevails in society. I believe in the benefits of research and education.”

Joanne Lawrence, MBA


Business & Global Society Professor

Joanne has 35+ years of corporate and consulting experience with global multinationals and organizations. “I believe in business as a positive, transformative force. In my corporate role, I constantly faced ethical and stakeholder dilemmas that have shaped the teacher I’ve become.”

Diversity & Inclusion Forum

Hult London Graduate

The Diversity & Inclusion Forum was taken over in 2020 by eight master’s students who were alarmed by how many barriers to D&I still needed to be overcome. “We don’t learn from just agreeing with each other all the time. We need diverse perspectives and the growth that comes with that.”

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