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Hult graduates are in demand with leading employers, achieving great things with their entrepreneurial spirit and reputation as globally minded innovators. Welcoming, passionate, and determined, our alumni are not only your future network—they can be your inspiration.

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What keeps our alumni coming back to Hult?


Rafael Rodriguez

Venezuelan Supply Chain Management Analyst, Tesla Dual Degree: Masters in International Business, Masters in Business Analytics Class of 2019

Building on his engineering experience with a data-driven Dual Degree, Rafael gained both the knowledge and outlook needed to thrive in the evolving automotive world.

How did your masters help get you here?

I wanted to expand my engineering background and business analytics complemented it well. In the electric vehicles industry we’re working hard to leave behind fossil fuel cars. It takes the growth mindset that we developed at Hult to think in new ways to solve these problems.

What’s your advice to future graduates?

No matter where you come from, you can always add value to an organization. Your perspective may be different, but it’s valuable. Your greatest takeaway from Hult will be the international vision you’ll gain from studying with people from around the globe.


Madiha Ahmad

Indian Associate Consultant, KPMG Lower Gulf Masters in International Business Class of 2017

A piece of challenge learning pointed the way to a career in consulting for Madiha, who achieved both her professional and personal goals while studying at Hult.

Did your perspective change while studying?

Hult made me a sharp and confident individual. I learned how to play on my strengths and channel my weaknesses into opportunities. Most importantly I acquired the art of self-evaluation and allowed myself to take pride in the things I do.

How did you get closer to your goals?

My aim in coming to Hult was to gain exposure to an international professional environment. Since graduation, I have been working with KPMG as a consultant. In my case, Hult was the map I needed to get to my destination.


Johannes Solzbach

German CEO, Clustermarket Masters in Finance Class of 2015

Johannes met fellow entrepreneurs Tobias and Niklas in class at Hult, and the three went on to co-found Clustermarket, an online marketplace for sharing scientific equipment.

Why did you decide to go into business together?

We all came to Hult with corporate experience under our belts. Individually we were very ambitious and looking to take our careers further. Together we bring very different backgrounds and skillsets to the table. From finance to supply chain, our range of experiences showed us how we could leverage the sharing economy in a sector so critical to society: science.

How did your Hult network help?

Our entire founding team is from Hult, we wouldn’t have met otherwise. Through Hult, we’ve also been connected to investors and customers, which really highlights the importance of the school’s network. One of our very first investors was Giovanni Rizzo, a Hult Executive MBA alum and angel investor, who now sits on the company board.

Tell us about your journey with Clustermarket

Launching the business was no easy process but our hard work is paying off. We secured £250,000 from an angel investor and set up within the UK’s Golden Triangle. We also opened our first head office in central London and are growing our team.

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