Distance learning with a difference

Earn a world-class US Masters in Business Analytics from home, with ultimate flexibility and minimal disruption. Join live sessions over a four-day weekend each month, opt-in to on-campus electives if you choose, and work with diverse teams to solve real-world business problems in real time.

Seven reasons why


Increase your employability with a world-class US Masters in Business Analytics


Gain a highly in-demand, specialist skillset and forge a career in business analytics


Join live, interactive sessions from home


Opt-in to on-campus electives around the world


Expand your skillset and your network


Work with international teams and learn to work across cultures


Future-proof your career

Virtual just got real

Skill up, future-proof your career, and become instantly more employable with a Masters in Business Analytics that enables you to immediately apply what you learn to your daily working life. Increase your skills and your career options­—­from home. The current reality, and the future normal, involves working with virtual teams from all over the world and getting the best out of those teams, regardless of circumstance. Hult’s Live Online Masters in Business Analytics ensures you are best placed to lead in this reality as you learn by doing.

Go beyond business with a degree that takes you on a virtual journey to experience the world, shape the future, and understand yourself. Learn to work across cultures, harness the power of technology, and lead with confidence in times of uncertainty.


Shannon Mostrom American Media Associate at Vayner Media Dual Degree: Masters in International Business, Masters in Finance, Class of 2019

Do you have a business background?

My first degree was actually in ballet. I was a competitive dancer right through high school and trained pre-professionally. I also studied entrepreneurship. There are many skills that are as important in business as they are in dance, such as a growth mindset, resilience, and confidence.

What makes Hult different from other business schools?

Hult celebrates diversity more than any other school I’ve gone to. I’m from the US and studying in the US at Hult Boston—but the program has provided me with an incredible international experience. I’ve never been exposed to so many different cultures and nationalities that bring unique ideas and perspectives to every class.

What’s been your biggest challenge so far?

Initially, working with some people from different cultures was frustrating. There were many of my own cultural standards that I expected others to share. It took adaptability and open-mindedness to approach projects differently. I’ve learned that there are endless ways to approach a problem.


Live learning

We’ve brought our real-world approach to the virtual space with an immersive, interactive learning experience that you can take part in, wherever you are. Get ready for live sessions with top professors, breakout discussions with international teams, multi-modal presentations, instant polls, and creative problem solving.

Cross-border collaboration

Connecting determined, ambitious students from all over the world is what we do best. And it’s more valuable now than ever. We’ve seen firsthand the impact this global community can have, both on the career path of the individual and the business world at large. At Hult, the network is global, the perspectives are international, and the ideas are out of this world.

Tuned-in faculty

Our tech-savvy professors are business practitioners—entrepreneurs, execs, and CEOs. Directly affected by the current global situation, they’ve seen many global changes and come through them stronger, wiser, and bolder. They bring their experience to every class and are here to guide you as you explore new opportunities.

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