Core program

Hult's EMBA core curriculum has been designed to give you a solid grounding across all aspects of business management, analytics, and leadership. With a sample project listed for every course, you can see just how we take theory and techniques and apply them to practical, real-world scenarios that you'll encounter in your future career.

Core program

Hult's EMBA core curriculum has been designed to give you a solid grounding across all aspects of business management, analytics, and leadership. With a sample project listed for every course, you can see just how we take theory and techniques and apply them to practical, real-world scenarios that you'll encounter in your future career.

Leading with Personal Impact

Broaden and strengthen your interpersonal skills to improve your personal leadership effectiveness. You’ll develop greater self-awareness and access powerful tools for increasing your personal impact with colleagues, clients, and contacts. You’ll also be introduced to the Hult DNA, a set of core competencies that is highly valued by the marketplace.

Sample project: Peer coaching & PDP In groups of three, coach each other on one area you have identified that you want to strengthen over the year. Video yourself coaching your peers; the video will then be randomly assigned to another student for their feedback. Using all the feedback received on the course, write a Personal Development Plan (PDP) that prioritizes the specific competencies for your development.

I’m a much better leader than I was before, and I’m a better sparring partner for people in senior positions in my company. I’ve started to demand a higher level of excellence, and I’m creating a better bottom line in the process.”

Tom van der Poel Dutch Director (MENA), ScanmarQED Class of 2018

Leading Change

Develop an understanding of how to initiate, manage, and successfully implement change in different business contexts. Examine your own leadership style and practice skills that will help you translate ideas into results and overcome organizational inertia and resistance to change.

Sample project: Effective change As a team, select an organization that one of you recently worked in that underwent significant change. You will present to the board, which has gathered to assess the success of this recent transformational change initiative. Some of the questions your presentation should answer include: What was the business case for change? Was the vision effectively communicated? How was it implemented? What recommendations would you make to the board to implement change more effectively?, among others.

Leading Globally

Examine individual and group behavior in organizations with a special focus on multicultural business contexts. You’ll develop the knowledge, abilities, and skills to build and lead global organizations in the future. You’ll learn to diagnose complex, multidimensional situations and decide upon courses of action.

Sample project: Analyzing success Select an organization that reflects your post-graduation ambitions, e.g. startup, NGO, multinational. Draw on concepts and tools from the course to produce a concise management report. You will be required to interview members of your selected organization and use publicly available materials to research. Your report should present a thorough analysis of the firm’s value proposition and how it is currently structured and run to deliver on that, before making recommendations on how to improve.

My experiences from the program enabled me to directly apply my learnings back at work and make a real impact.”

Klaus Hofmann German General Manager, Safran Class of 2019


Gain an accelerated introduction to the concepts and practices of financial and managerial accounting. You’ll examine the recognition, measurement, and reporting of a firm’s economic transactions within the framework of both US and international accounting principles. From the managerial perspective, you’ll focus on the use of accounting information to measure, analyze, and report economic events for internal decision-making purposes.

Sample project: Buy, sell, or hold? As a team, select a publicly traded company. Apply your financial reporting knowledge and financial analysis skills to perform an investment analysis of the company, with a view to presenting to a investment committee to “buy, sell, or hold” the stock. Your source information should include the annual financial statements, research from business periodicals, industry reports, and financial data sources from the Hult Digital Library. You will need to cover benchmarking, ratio analysis, trend analysis, and basic valuation techniques.

Financial Management

In this course, you’ll develop the knowledge, skills, critical-thinking abilities, and behaviors required of any manager. Although the main focus is on for-profit firms, much of what you’ll learn can be applied to NGOs and government sectors as well.

Sample project: Interpreting ratios

The ability to interpret ratios on financial statements is more valuable than being able to calculate them. Your team will be required to produce an analysis of an existing company using ratios generated from the financial statements of the firm, and from its competitors for comparison. You will need to provide an evaluation of the current and future business performance based on recent and planned strategic decisions, investments, and financing decisions.

As an experienced director of operations, I thought my grasp of finance and marketing was great until I came to Hult. The professors really opened my eyes to the big picture of a global and complex environment.”

Stephane Akame Zeh German Country Director, Baker Hughes Class of 2018

Operations Management

The fundamental focus is on understanding the best way to match supply and demand at any organization. You’ll explore the strategic issues and the analytic tools for decision making including practical, process-based approaches to solving operations problems. You’ll also explore the role of the manager and how to approach processes, cross-functional links, and the use of information systems and technology.

Sample project: COVID crisis response The UK government has approached a number of manufacturing companies to see if they can switch their production to ventilators. One of those companies is JCB, which makes earth-moving equipment. For this assignment, your team takes the position of a consulting firm that has been commissioned to provide advice and guidance to JCB on this new venture. You’ll need to research and then apply your learnings from the course to present what the key challenges are for JCB.

Project Management

Gain the project management skills and tools necessary for a business executive, manager, consultant, or entrepreneur to successfully initiate, plan, execute, and control projects. Topics include project, program, and portfolio management; project and product lifecycle methodologies; communications and stakeholder management; and project management tools.

Sample project: Persuade with plans Design and present a project plan for a project that is a) your target post-graduation company, b) your own entrepreneurial venture, or c) a project of a friend or colleague. Use project planning and organization, project control, project communications, and project lifecycles to persuade project leaders that yours is the best course of action. Include a project chart, project-scheduling techniques such as WBS, CPM, Pert, Gantt charts, and resource-constrained scheduling, and a risk assessment.

Every course has enriched my personal growth and taught me new lessons I can use in my everyday work. At Hult, you also have the opportunity to practice essential skills like team dynamics and breakthrough methodologies."

Kiyoshi Jamie Izawa British/Japanese Founder & CEO, Guideman Group Class of 2020


Examine the processes involved in the creation and delivery of customer value and satisfaction through communication, pricing, and distribution as well as the development of products and services. You’ll explore the theory and practice involved in the marketing process, the key to which is understanding business and consumer markets. You’ll address the unique issues and opportunities that marketers face in a global market.

Sample project: Penetrating new markets As a team, select a product to introduce into a new country market. Create a marketing plan proposal to introduce the product to the new market. Your marketing plan should include the essential components covered in class, including substantial market research to validate your proposal for the new market, as well as a detailed plan for the product launch to present to the board.

Data & Decisions

Gain perspective on how research, data collection, and analysis can contribute to the priorities of business decision makers. You’ll learn how to conduct original quantitative research and interpret findings accurately and appropriately. You’ll then practice applying critical quantitative analysis to make better business decisions.

Sample project: From data to insight Generate original data to develop valuable insights for an external company, delivered via a presentation and a report.

Your team must demonstrate:

  • Definiton and analysis of the problem
  • How the data can be obtained accurately
  • Design of methodology with reference to handling of ethical considerations of data collection
  • Data-based findings and insights
  • Recommendations based on insights
I’ve become more thorough in writing business proposals and learned useful techniques such as quantitative analysis.”

Fatima Abdulrahman Emirati Chief Human Resources Officer, Tanfeeth Class of 2017

Global Strategy

Strengthen your critical-thinking skills and develop the business acumen to be able to assess key challenges and opportunities in a global environment. How do we compete amid significant uncertainty to maximize value while making profits in an ethical and sustainable way?

Sample project: Strategic rivals You’re part of the analyst team at a world-leading investment management firm. As part of its 10-year strategic horizon plan, your firm is evaluating its portfolio and plans to make a substantial long-term investment in one of the 15 major industries. Your team will need to present a disruptive strategy to the board encompassing industry analysis, leader or challenger strategy, and strategic rivalry.

Business in Global Society

Conventional, narrow value chains will increasingly be replaced with value webs that involve multiple types of systems, institutions, and stakeholders. These need to be understood and integrated to create value for business and society. You’ll explore how well organizations navigate and integrate with overlapping systems in these different domains while achieving business goals.

Sample project: The circular economy In this group simulation, you’ll deliver both a programmatic report and a presentation that answers these questions: What are the opportunities of investment in circular economy business models? What is different and beneficial about the risk-return profile? What policy changes are needed to support with investing?

Managerial Economics

You’ll identify and analyze a variety of market structures, ranging from perfect competition to oligopoly to monopoly. The ultimate goal is to develop skills for making effective managerial decisions and strategic choices based on the analysis of companies, cost structures, and market conditions. Sample project: I am optimum price

Your team will be given real-world information about a disguised logistics company that has requested price-optimization consulting services. Based on this information, your team must derive the demand curve for the company’s services, making your assumptions totally clear. You should recommend an optimal price assuming no regional price differentiation and an optimal price assuming regional price differentiation.

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