Life on Campus

Some of the most impactful learning happens outside the classroom. Build invaluable connections, develop your skillset, and pursue your passions through Hult’s Student Association, networking events, and team challenges.

Hult through David’s eyes

Meet our cover star, David Castro-Gavino, from the Class of 2020. With a background in data and analytics, David was eager to expand his network and develop his business acumen. Hult’s Executive MBA was the perfect program for David to upskill due to its flexibility, choice of global campuses, and practical application of cutting-edge business principles.

Before Hult, I studied at several traditional universities that were heavy in theory and lacked real-life exposure. Hult was the opposite of traditional. It had the relevant, practical, applicable approach I was looking for. Another big draw for me was Hult’s global footprint, and the flexibility to rotate to different campuses. It’s a great way to be exposed to diverse cultures and ways of working, something that’s crucial in today’s connected world.

Holding a global position, flying around the world regularly, and looking after a young family of two kids has been challenging (to say the least)! The flexibility of the program has given me a good work/study/home balance. Supporting me every step of the way has been my amazing wife Louisa, and my superstar kids Thomas and Charlotte.

The Hult Business Challenge was the best team project I did and was centered around tackling food wastage—a global issue that I’m passionate to solve. Not only did I gain a better understanding of the business components that need to be considered, from research to marketing to tech development; but I developed a belt of tools that I’ll carry into future roles. My efforts and ideas in the challenge paid off, as I’ve landed a new job that aligns with my career ambitions.

Since coming to Hult, I’ve adopted a new habit of writing my weekly achievements in a notebook, reflecting on the positives, and considering what I could do better next time. Why do I do this? Because it sharpens my growth mindset. The younger generation will face different challenges to the ones I faced, so I’m trying to help my kids have a growth mindset to help them overcome anything.

The caliber of professors at Hult is outstanding—not only because of their academic accreditations but their real-life experience. At the forefront of his industry, Professor Mark Esposito was a huge inspiration, with a brilliant mind and pioneering business acumen. I also remember Professor Aleksander Greszczak, an expert in weaving humor into his delivery of Accounting & Finance, while Professor Ajay Bhalla had this ability to touch your soul. The weekend spent learning about operations from Professor Alistair Brandon-Jones was highly relevant for the company I worked in at the time, so I used my new-found knowledge to improve efficiency and operations, which led to a significant commercial advantage.

The Hult network has the power to influence your future career path. I’ve come across many people that studied Hult’s Executive Education or EMBA program, and it’s a great conversation starter that has helped connect me with different businesses. My cohort was made up of incredibly diverse, talented, and experienced people that have become family. We all have different strengths, as inspiring speakers, industry experts, entrepreneurs, barrier breakers, but together, we’re the strongest.

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