We believe that business and sustainability go hand in hand, which is why every course at Hult has an ethics or social impact component. Through classes, assignments, and challenges you’ll be encouraged to consider profit, planet, and people.


Amira Alfa Gambian Senior Manager of Corporate Engagement & Sustainability, United Nations Global Compact Class of 2019

What do you do at the UN Global Compact?

I help companies incorporate sustainability into their core business and operations strategies. I come from a consulting background in biotechnology, so this marked a complete career change for me. My EMBA gave me the confidence to take on this hugely demanding new role part way through the course.

What are your biggest challenges?

Convincing companies to implement transformational change is very challenging. I’m applying my growth mindset and new technical knowledge to every aspect of my job, whether it’s setting our global strategy for new market entry, leading teams, introducing new projects, or leveraging data analytics to harness our data for new insights and opportunities.

How has your leadership style changed?

I'm utilizing my improved emotional intelligence in both my personal and professional life. The program has helped me build strong confidence, self-awareness, and self-reflection as well as focus on using business for good and creating a better future for generations to come.

Use business for good.”

How will you change the world?

The Hult Prize is a worldwide competition that challenges student teams to solve a pressing social issue by developing a sustainable social enterprise.

Current and past Hult Prize challenges


Building startups for a better planet

What startup would you create to have a positive impact on the environment for 1M consumers within the next decade?


Solving youth unemployment


Harnessing sustainable energy


The refugee crisis


Crowded urban spaces


Early childhood education

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