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Teaching at Hult

Highly regarded around the world as top consultants, executives, and entrepreneurs, the professors who deliver our program bring their experience, business acumen, and passion into the classroom. Learn from those that turn teaching into an unforgettable experience.


Ted Ladd, PhD American Strategy & Innovation Professor

Fulbright Scholar Ted has over 20 years’ experience in high-tech, venture capital–backed startups—most recently as the director of a smartwatch company sold to Google. He has taught at Harvard University and Copenhagen Business School. He holds a PhD in Entrepreneurship from Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University and an MBA from Wharton School of Business. In 2014 he won Best Paper in Social Entrepreneurship at the Academy of Management annual conference, and in 2016, Most Relevant Paper to US Practitioners at the Small Business and Entrepreneurship annual conference.

The culture in Silicon Valley combines creativity, discipline, and hard work—and I endeavor to bring this into the classroom. It’s the recipe that’s made Silicon Valley the global center of innovation, and it’s the recipe that guides Hult students toward innovation in their education and careers.”


Nabanita Talukdar, DBA Indian Marketing & Data Analytics Professor

Nabanita spent a number of years in business development, conducting quantitative and qualitative analyses for L’Oréal, P&G, Merrill Lynch, and Actelion Pharmaceuticals. She has earned her DBA in Marketing and MS in Finance from Golden Gate University as well as an MBA at Tezpur Central University in India. Her classes include Marketing Analytics, Data & Decisions, Introduction to R, and Luxury Brand Marketing.

I always start with a review that helps students understand the flow of concepts and connect the dots better. I teach students in an interactive lecture format so students can ask questions and contribute in the middle of the lecture. I involve students in content-related activities so they can directly apply what they learn.”


Omar Romero-Hernandez, PhD Mexican   Data Analytics & Operations Professor

A Fulbright Scholar, Omar has helped to transform the lives of disadvantaged Mexican communities via renewable energy. He’s led internationally awarded projects with sponsors including the UN, Mexico’s Ministry of Environment, and the stock exchange. In 2010, he was appointed leader of a national task force on economic growth and low carbon emissions, making recommendations to Mexico's president. He has received the Franz Edelman Award, the world’s most prestigious award for operations research and management science.

I come from a developing country, and I am very conscious of the inequality that prevails in society. Through education, we can give a chance to everyone.”


Amanda Nimon-Peters, PhD Australian Data Science & Leadership Professor

Behavioral scientist Amanda started university aged 16 and went on to earn a masters and PhD from the University of Cambridge, during which time she spent nine months of her research work living in a tent in Antarctica. Since then, her extensive corporate career includes 10 years in sales and marketing research at P&G as well as launching and running her own consultancy whose clients included LG, Cisco, HSBC, and Shell. Today, she is a full-time professor and research fellow at Hult. Her current research includes behavioral change techniques for leadership development as well as the effects of leaders’ ethical choices.

Knowing is not the same as doing, and there is now widespread acknowledgement that academic success is not necessarily a predictor of good performance in the workplace. My research explores the steps and time frames necessary for students to improve their leadership behaviors.”


Larry Louie Chinese/American Finance, Accounting & Entrepreneurship Professor

Professor Louie has over 25 years’ experience including as COO and founder of Alibris, CEO at Peninsula Advisors, CFO of Norris, Beggs & Simpson, consultant at Bain & Co., and auditor at KPMG. He holds an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business (fellowship recipient) and BA in Finance and Accounting from the University of California at Berkeley (Phi Beta Kappa).

With differences across multiple dimensions—countries of origin, gender, religion, socioeconomic backgrounds, personality, and priorities—it’s the students that make Hult a unique learning environment. They develop unparalleled team communication and conflict resolution.”

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