Why choose a Masters in Business Analytics at Hult?

These flexible programs are a transformative experience that will challenge you to go beyond business to learn about the world, the future, and yourself. You’ll learn by doing as you follow a rigorous curriculum that adapts to your schedule and goals.

Why choose a Masters in Business Analytics at Hult?

With our range of flexible part-time programs, you’ll learn by doing through a rigorous curriculum that adapts to your schedule and goals. Gain a specialist skillset that enables you to translate data into decisions and work in diverse teams to solve the issues facing businesses today.

Seven reasons why


Increase your employability with a world-class US Masters in Business Analytics


Gain a highly in-demand, specialist skillset and forge a career in STEM


Join class in person, or live online, over a four-day weekend once a month


Take electives at our campuses around the world


Expand your skills, your mindset, and your network


Work with diverse international teams and learn to work across cultures


Future-proof your career

Forge a meaningful career in STEM

In this new world of information overload, employers actively seek candidates who have the ability to translate data into actionable solutions. Hult’s Masters in Business Analytics degree will place you at the intersection of statistical analysis and business knowledge so that you can make meaningful, impactful contributions to any business.

Expand your skills, your mindset, and your network

All of Hult’s masters programs have been designed to make you the graduate that every employer wants to hire and every entrepreneur wants to be. You'll graduate with the skillset and mindset that has been identified through big-data analytics as being the most in demand across all industries and functions, globally, with a network of 25,000+ alumni across the world.

Learn to work across cultures

Employers need people who can work with anyone from anywhere to devise the best solution to any problem. That’s exactly what you’ll practice doing throughout your degree. Every project you’ll work on has a team that’s handpicked for maximum diversity— different nationalities, different languages, different perspectives, but one common goal.

I wanted to learn what’s behind buzzwords like machine learning and AI. Within the last year alone, a huge amount of data has been collected. Transforming this data into insights can change the economy in a positive way, and it will help in making better decisions. These technologies can be used to shape the future and create value for the whole world.”

Laura Schweigert German Business Operations Analyst, EarnUp Masters in Business Analytics, Class of 2019

I bring a hands-on approach into the classroom where students learn through workshops and boot camps, earning badges and certificates through the courses. I believe that skills-based education—connecting the concepts with application—is what employers are looking for."

Maithily Erande Indian Data Analytics Professor With an MBA from INSEAD, Prof. Erande is an analytics expert and was vice president for product engineering with several Fortune 100 clients including Apple, Microsoft (MSN), Dun & Bradstreet, JP Morgan Chase, Cisco, and Sesame Street.

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