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Entrepreneurship is a mindset that will serve you whichever career path you choose, and a skillset that is in high demand with employers. At Hult, you will inhabit a truly entrepreneurial environment and develop the fearless heart and mind of an entrepreneur.


Gazi Korkmaz German Founder, TEC Avenue Class of 2016

Tell us about your life after graduation

My first venture, TEC Avenue, aimed to develop a new technology that wirelessly charged any kind of electronics. While this was an R&D product, our market-ready product was the first portable wireless charger that was compatible with new model smartphones using Qi Technology. We sold this throughout Europe and spent more than two years working on the business model. When it ended, I felt prepared for the ever-changing challenges of the business world. My new business, Von Hohenstaufen Holding, offers services in a variety of fields including investment, asset management, and consulting—I’m excited to see what the future holds.

What support did you get at Hult?

Having ideas is one thing, having the right support is a whole other thing. Professor Daniel Rukare was a great support and has given me amazing advice. He helped me to join the Hult Founders Lab, which led to me having the founder of Shazam as my mentor.

What’s your advice to future Hult students?

Show courage and just do it. You don’t want to look back at your time at Hult and wonder what could have been. Failures and mistakes will happen, but that’s where you get the best experience.

Failures will happen, but that’s where you get the best experience.”

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