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College isn’t just about getting good grades—it’s about discovering new passions, finding new friends, and unexpected adventures! Get involved in cool clubs, sporty societies, and extraordinary events. Take every opportunity at Hult and have fun!

Hult through Hajar’s eyes

Meet Hajar Bouazzaoui, from the Class of 2022. She’s from Morocco and is studying at Hult London—here’s what life at Hult looks like for Hajar.

I founded the Extravaganza Club with a friend in 2018—it’s now one of the most successful on campus! As travel director, I organize amazing events at A-list venues; we’ve even been to Portugal.

I ♥ London! It’s been lifechanging. I love the mix of European architecture and English lifestyle. Whether you’re interested in fashion, music, theater, business, photography, films, or sports, there’s always something going on for everyone.

When I first joined Hult, I saw my classmates networking with CEOs, planning events, and talking so confidently that it really inspired me. My friends are really outgoing and open-minded, so being around them has naturally made me into a better version of myself.

I’m currently living with two girls—one from Lebanon, the other from France. It’s amazing because we’ve learned so much about one another’s cultures. We never feel homesick because my friends always cook traditional dishes from their home country. I’ve had everything from Japanese, to Colombian, to an English fry-up. #foodforthought

My favorite project was in Principles of Entrepreneurship—real-world business owners asked us to come up with creative solutions to solve problems that they were facing. It was so nice to be treated like a graduated professional already.

I’m so proud of being captain of Dalston cohort, it’s like being captain of Gryffindor! My job is to motivate everyone that plays a sport or competes in club challenges, so the more points we collectively score, the higher the chance we have of winning the final prize! I also organize events with my cohort, like crazy golf or barbecues.

No one fits in at Hult, because fitting in is boring! Instead, everyone’s part of a community that embraces difference. It’s like a puzzle—you need each piece to be different to complete it.

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