Your degree at a glance

What degree will I graduate with?

A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). Specialize in: Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Management, Finance, Computer Science, Design, Psychology.

Where can I study?

Study at our campuses in Boston, London, San Francisco, Dubai, and Shanghai.

Make one city your home or explore them all as you experience some of the world’s most influential business hubs firsthand.

How long is the program?

Three to four years. If you’re coming from Year 12 in high school (US system), you will typically complete your degree in four years. If you’re coming from Year 13 (European system), you will typically complete it in three years. Graduate faster. All students can graduate faster by earning credits over the summer, meaning some highly ambitious students graduate in as little as two years.

Hult is the first triple-accredited US business school

Admissions requirements

You’re unique—at Hult we treat you that way. We assess your application individually, based on the strength of your: – Personal profile – Academic achievement – Interview

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