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Teaching at Hult

Highly regarded around the world as top consultants, executives, and entrepreneurs, the professors who deliver our program bring their experience, business acumen, and passion into the classroom. Learn from those that turn teaching into an unforgettable experience.


Tessa Misiaszek American Professor of International Marketing

What’s your teaching style?

Practical application of theory is what I like to focus on in the classroom—especially through experiential teaching. It’s important to connect what’s taught in the classroom to what actually occurs in a corporate/business setting. And I think the best way to do this is through case-based teaching, interactive team projects, and bringing in professionals to discuss topics in the context of their company.

What makes Hult different from other schools you’ve taught at?

You know the saying that goes, “Those who cannot do, teach.” Here at Hult, it’s “Those who CAN do—teach at Hult.” The majority of teachers come from entrepreneurial backgrounds and bring their skills, experience, and passion into the classroom. I’ve taught at other colleges where the focus was on research and not teaching, and that negatively impacted the student learning experience—Hult is the opposite.


Prince Ghuman American Professor of Neuromarketing

How would you describe the typical Hult student?

Daring. It takes a certain type of DNA to leave your home country and attend college in another country. It’s a special quality that all Hult students have in common.

What's the atmosphere in your classroom like?

Energetic, dynamic, active, free, yet professional. My classroom is like stepping into a real office, where students are treated as adults.

How do you grade your students?

I prefer to give my students team-based projects or individual assignments over multiple choice finals. My goal is to create a mid-term and a final that each student can add to their resume under experience and projects. This will set them apart from other graduates who lack useful business skills.

My classroom is like a real office.”


Selina Neri Italian Professor of Management

How has your international experience shaped you?

I’ve lived, studied, and worked in so many countries—including Italy, England, and the US—every time experiencing a very different culture. This has made me who I am today, and I feel comfortable in any cultural context as I’ve learned to appreciate diversity. I like to think anywhere can be my “home country”—for the last seven years it’s been Dubai.

What are your classes like?

I keep my courses relevant to the current and future challenges businesses are facing. I challenge my students to think in a different way, so they develop transferable skills that can be used across any industry. My classes aren’t lectures—they’re experiences where we deep-dive into specific topics and companies, leadership styles, behaviors, and best and worst case examples. I rarely use textbooks—only when they’re relevant to student learning.

Meet Hult Professor Daniel Rukare—a mentor, confidant, and someone the students look up to.


Daniel Rukare Ugandan Professor of Entrepreneurship

What teaching methods do you use in the classroom?

I think it’s important to bring the real world into the classroom through practical exercises and insights. To teach Entrepreneurship modules I use a variety of methods to break complex theories down into more digestible information. Simulations, case studies, and guest lectures are a great way to encourage students to build up a curious mind and the confidence to explore new boundaries.

Why do you teach?

For a start—it’s super fulfilling. I believe education is the strongest asset anyone can have. Being able to teach is very rewarding, as is seeing my students grow from budding entrepreneurs to forward-thinking professionals. I often tell my students I can learn as much from them as they can from me, so we share a learning environment to explore ideas and have open discussions.

As your professor, I’ll bring my experience to every class and I ask you to bring creativity and an open mind.”

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