Humans, like nature, are inherently resilient. I know it’s a popular buzzword, but resilience has always been around. Think about nature’s feedback loop. Nature is extremely resilient, and we are part of nature.

Recipe of resilience


Unlimited amount of people


Moderately difficult


Self-care and wellbeing


9+ months


Determination, creativity, patience, flexibility, adaptation


Personal growth, perspective, positivity, resilience, awareness

90g of emotional turmoil

Italy was one of the first countries in Europe to be really hit badly. All of a sudden, we became very aware of the risk, very aware of the danger, and shocked as a nation. It was a quick wake up call, very sharp, and very painful.

120ml of adaptation

Traveling is not only one of my biggest passions, it’s essential for my work as a changemaker, facilitator, and public speaker. As the co-founder of Recipes for Wellbeing and ChangemakerXchange, I am used to taking changemakers to beautiful places in nature, away from technology and the hustle and bustle of city life, or to joining large conference halls across the world. But, like everything this year, I’ve had to reinvent my processes and methods.

5 teaspoons of possibilty

Once you find that it is possible to enjoy, engage, and have deeply transformative experiences online, an entire world opens up in front of you—it’s amazing. You can be so creative and playful, silly, and innovative. It’s been a huge learning curve for me, and something I’ve really enjoyed sharing with other people.

3 cups of experimentation

Everyone has found themselves in this uniquely uncomfortable and uncertain situation. There’s no right or wrong or one-size-fits-all approach. I decided to approach my personal and professional life like a science lab: let’s experiment and see what happens. And what happened is something really beautiful that has helped me become stronger.

150ml of consistency

People think wellbeing is like an add on. When you are well, then you can take care of your health and go on retreats. Actually, positive wellbeing needs to be at your core because it’s exactly when you’re stressed, when you don’t have time—that’s where you need it, so you need to build it up like a muscle. Partly sparked by the pandemic, many organizations are realizing the importance of wellbeing, which has opened many opportunities for me and Recipes for Wellbeing to make a difference.

200g of joy

Supporting young social entrepreneurs and changemakers with social and environmental missions is what we aim for at ChangemakerXchange. I don’t want young people to work for social change and be absolutely exhausted and feel miserable. I want them to also experience joy and laughter, and become inspiring role models. I think resilience plays a huge role: you fall 7 times and you stand up 8 times, appreciating every step of the journey and acknowledging your progress on the way.

Become a mentor

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3 cups of positivity

As one of the co-owners of Positive News, I’m really happy to support a movement that promotes a positive voice, especially nowadays with negative news everywhere. I love that Positive News talks about stories of resilience, of communities coming together to overcome certain challenges, of individuals devoting themselves to making a difference... It’s not about ignoring the challenges, the pain, the suffering—they are part of the human experience. It’s about integrating them in a way that can make us more resilient.