Practical learning with ultimate flexibility

Our award-winning curriculum emphasizes practical application at every step. As you learn technical business knowledge and theory, you’ll also continually apply it, strengthening your soft skills, and expanding your capacity to lead.

Taking you beyond business

Your innovative curriculum has business at its core, opening up to take you beyond the fundamentals. You’ll graduate with the ability to manage cross-cultural teams, lead with confidence, and leverage the technologies shaping the future.

The flexibility of the program means you can start in fall or spring. This graphic shows a sample timeline for your degree based on a september start.

Year One


September to April

May to July

Leadership Development

Through a multi-day Leadership course in Boston, London or Dubai you’ll set the foundation for the year ahead with intensive leadership development sessions, lectures, and workshops and build relationships with classmates and faculty from all over the world.

Core Program

You’ll study your core courses online over a four-day weekend each month in either Boston, London or Dubai time zones.


Customize your degree with a wide range of electives and seminars offered in both 3-day weekend and longer formats at Hult campus locations across the globe.

Year Two

October to April

May to July

Further Study

Core Program

Continue your core courses online in your second year.

Capstone Experience

The capstone to your core program delves deep into the techniques and technology being used to innovate business for the future and pushes you to apply everything you have learned so far in your capstone challenge.


Elevate your expertise even further throughout your second summer with final electives and seminars.

Dual Degree

Earn a second Hult masters degree in as little as six months’ accelerated full-time study.

Flexible start dates

The flexibility of the program means you can start in fall or spring. This graphic shows a sample timeline based on a september start.

As a working mother, my life is all about juggling different things all at the same time and making it work. It really does help that the Hult program is flexible and tailored specifically for working professionals. My own personal status quo has been challenged—I am definitely more open to new experiences.”

Tafadzwa Chisango Zimbabwean Assistant Director Moody’s Analytics Global Executive MBA Class of 2018


How does the program work?


Take the opportunity to build your global network with a multi-day Leadership immersion at our Boston, London or Dubai campus. Don’t want to travel? No problem, online alternatives are available.


Attend live online classroom sessions over a four-day weekend each month in either Boston, London or Dubai time zones. You’ll be taught by expert practitioner-professors and work on practical projects with diverse teams of professionals.


The full range of electives is available at our global campuses in Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, Shanghai, and New York. You can choose to take electives at any of these campuses for a $2,000 USD fee. Alternatively, you can choose from our range of online electives and continue to study from home.


Students typically graduate in two years, but you can take between 18 months to three years to complete the program. You can accelerate your degree by taking more electives over the summer, or spread them out over more summers if you need a more relaxed pace.

I took electives in Boston, San Francisco, and New York this summer. Learning from and networking with subject matter experts, industry leaders, and alumni, and combining this with travel and industry tours was a truly enriching experience on both a professional and personal level.”

Thom Scholtz British & South African Project Management Consultant Global Executive MBA Class of 2020



Claire Delhomme French Category Manager Home Care & Evaluator Fabric Care Metropolitan Executive MBA Class of 2021


What’s the atmosphere like in the live classes?

Although we’re in different locations, it’s a shared experience. We’re either listening to our professor or a classmate, sharing our own point of view, or discussing something. Even on breaks we still chat and have fun as a whole group over video.

Have the courses been relevant to your work?

I’ve taken something from every class that I can apply to my work. For example, after our first leadership class, I used the SAID feedback model with my staff.

What’s the Hult community like?

They are really hard workers and an amazing source of motivation for me. We are such a connected group; every day we exchange information, thoughts, and personal matters on WhatsApp. So even if we are not in the same city or country, we’re still really close.

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