Finding a role that aligns with your motivations and personal skillset is a driving factor in career satisfaction. At Hult, you’ll collaborate with career advisors and faculty to reflect on your strengths, values, and vision for the future, gaining an understanding of where you excel and what you enjoy. Finding a job or internship that incorporates these skills is step one toward career success.


of Hult graduates are employed or in graduate school within six months of graduation

“I am capable of much more than I think, if I set my mind to it.”

Maria Fernanda Meza Torres


Brand Manager, TATA Consumer Products

Bachelor of Business Administration, Class of 2020

Fernanda’s undergraduate experience opened her eyes to her own strengths—and a world of possibilities.

What have you learned about yourself?

That I am capable of much more than I think, if I set my mind to it. Entering the job market is not a smooth process—we won’t get every role we apply for, but determination is key. Every experience, social and professional, allowed me to grow. Life is a constant learning journey, so I’m excited to keep growing!

Any words of advice to incoming undergrads?

Try, participate, get engaged! Don’t be afraid to reach out to people, apply for a position, or join a club. By the time you’ve graduated, all these experiences you’ve accumulated will give you transferable skills you can leverage when looking for a job or starting your own business.

Employment breakdown


are employed full time


went into a family business


started a business


took a paid internship

“I remember meeting inspiring guest speakers that taught me a lot.”




Founder & CEO of done.

Bachelor of Business Administration, Class of 2017

Tobias had an interest in technology from a young age and secured his first graduate job with Apple Inc. Today, he’s running his own digital and automation company.

How did you build your network while studying?

Through global rotation I had the chance to generate a network on both the US coasts, in London, Shanghai, and Dubai. The experiences ranged from meeting top executives of major global corporations such as IBM, to meeting the CEO of new startups such as Bluesmart, to working on finding a business solution to a real-world problem for a major international client, Amazon.

How has your time at Hult prepared you for running your own business?

It was a mixture of things—from studying in Silicon Valley, to networking with startups, to having real-world entrepreneurs like the CEO of The North Face teach me entrepreneurship. I remember meeting inspiring guest speakers that taught me a lot. Also, through interactive classes I built up a strong network, developed an ability to lead, and realized I was pretty good at motivating my classmates.

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