Amp Up Your Impact

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Surround Yourself with Ambitious People

“At 18, I got an internship at the Austrian embassy in Tokyo. This was a big experience for me as it changed my mindset—it made me realize that If you have a goal in mind, you can achieve it if you work hard for it.”


Keep Yourself Grounded

“You have to constantly keep that polarity in your head of optimism versus realism and don’t let yourself get sucked too far to either side.”

Repository of resources for every industry to bring sustainability into their business

Employee guide to bringing in climate solutions at work


Keep Your Core Values in Mind

“When the pandemic hit, it became very apparent that I had to intentionally design my life into alignment with my values, or I’d fall victim to the status quo—so I’ve done just that—and I’ll be the first to acknowledge that my life is quite wonderful!”


Push Past the Comfort Zone

“If the heart and the intention is there, push forward. You’re never going to make everyone happy.”

Arriving at Your Own Door by John Kabat-Zinn


Continually Reassess Your Progress Against Your Objectives

“For us, B Corp certification is a way of holding up a mirror to ask lots of questions of yourself and say, are we actually having the kind of impact we want to on people and the planet?”


Don’t Work Too Hard!

“Covid hit and I never stopped working. It was constant and that burnout, that extreme fatigue really kicked my butt, really forced me to say, no, if I don’t establish boundaries, I’ll be no good to myself, my team, or anybody out there.”


Pursue Your Passions

“It was a revelation for me that I could try and make my passions central to my career. At the beginning, I didn’t know exactly where I was going, but at Hult, I had a year to explore and discover the best way to apply my passions to my hard skills. It turned out to be impact investing, but it could have been starting a social enterprise or anything else.”


Feel How it Feels

“I joined a tech company under engineering because I wanted to know what it meant to be a woman in that space, in that culture, so I could better create programs for them in the future.”


Know Your Stuff

“CEOs must be aware of what roles actually mean and what a qualified person should master in terms of knowledge and change management traits. Getting it wrong will damage the company and its reputation. Getting it right will transform the business.”

Fav impact quote: “If you think you’re too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito”


Just Go for It!

“The day I lived through an earthquake, it really hit me that everything can be gone in a second. One of my favorite quotes is ‘shoot for the moon, and even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.’”