Leading the Charge for Change

We live in a time of complex global challenges—climate change, global health, issues of diversity and equity, economic disparity across continents, countries, and communities. And yet power often favors the status quo.
For some, driving meaningful change might seem like a pipe dream. But we all have the power to make an impact. Big or small, everything is interconnected and our actions really do matter. Just take a look at your fellow Hult alums in this year’s annual—we think you’ll agree that they’re changing the world for the better. As we spoke to each of our featured alumni and heard their stories, we were struck by the commonalities that unite our diverse group. Time and again, we heard these passionate professionals—experts in their respective fields—insisting that we all have the power to drive impact. And there is a real sense of urgency among our grads. The time is now. And the key is knowing how. These alumni stories are brought to you from a wide range of sectors all over the globe. You’ll hear from Hult graduates who are striving to transcend the limitations of education via virtual reality; who are at the forefront of impact investing; and who are facilitating bold new climate solutions to reduce carbon emissions. See how your alumni network is driving sustainable consumer choices; helping eradicate modern slavery and child labor from supply chains; and leveling up the workplace by championing equity, diversity, and inclusion within. As we continue to look for new ways to cultivate our students’ ability to drive impact, this year we’ve introduced two new programs to Hult’s business portfolio: the Hult Master’s in Social Entrepreneurship and the Hult Master’s in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. These degrees offer skilling and experiences for students looking to drive change via a startup, engagement with a social enterprise, or by driving impact in a larger organization. We can’t wait to see what our students from these programs go on to do. This edition is dedicated to all of you who make an impact every single day. From leading efforts within your own businesses and communities, to the contribution you make to the school. Thank you for shining the light and leading the way, for returning to Hult in all your various capacities, whether that’s coming back to campus and sharing your story, expertise, and experiences; mentoring students; or hiring Hult grads—by staying connected, we are empowering ourselves and each other with a network that really does change lives. Best wishes, Your Alumni Relations Team

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