Get to know different career paths from those already in the job. By observing the market and the skills in high demand, you’ll be able to define your interests and build a strong professional contact list in the process. Your Hult teams will facilitate introductions and events across industries and within our 29,000+ strong alumni network, giving you a wide scope of connections and opportunities.

“Through Hult we’ve been connected to investors and customers, which highlights the importance of the school’s network.”

Johannes Solzbach


CEO & Co-Founder, Clustermarket

Master's in Finance, Class of 2015

Johannes met fellow entrepreneurs Tobias and Niklas in class at Hult, and the three went on to co-found Clustermarket, an operating system for laboratories.

Why did you decide to go into business together?

We all came to Hult with corporate experience. Individually, we were very ambitious and looking to take our careers further. Together, we bring very different skillsets to the table. From finance to supply chain, our range of experiences showed us how we could leverage the sharing economy in a sector so critical to society: science.

How did your Hult network help?

Our entire founding team is from Hult, we wouldn’t have met otherwise. We’ve also been connected to investors and customers, which highlights the importance of the school’s network. One of our very first investors was Giovanni Rizzo, a Hult Executive MBA alum.

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Alumni network


“Hult was the map I needed to get to my destination.”

Madiha Ahmad


Assistant Manager, KPMG Lower Gulf

Master's in International Business, Class of 2017

Challenge learning pointed the way to a career in consulting for Madiha, who achieved both her professional and personal goals while studying at Hult.

Did your perspective change while studying?

Hult made me a sharp and confident individual. I learned how to play on my strengths and channel my weaknesses into opportunities. Most importantly, I acquired the art of self-evaluation and allowed myself to take pride in the things I do.

How did you get closer to your goals?

My aim in coming to Hult was to gain exposure to an international professional environment. After graduation, I joined KPMG as a consultant. A year later, I was promoted to senior consultant, and a year after that to assistant manager. In my case, Hult was the map I needed to get to my destination.

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