Finding a role that aligns with your motivations and personal skillset is a driving factor in career satisfaction. At Hult, you’ll collaborate with career advisors and faculty to reflect on your strengths, values, and vision for the future, gaining an understanding of where you excel and what you enjoy. Finding a job or internship that incorporates these skills is step one toward career success.


of master's grads changed country, industry, or function

“It takes time, dedication, and determination … to finally get that 'Yes'.”

Nastasja Greyling

South African

Audit Trainee, BDO UK LLP

Master's in International Business, Class of 2020

Nastasja came to Hult London with a goal in mind—and soon made it a reality.

What was your career motivation coming to Hult?

One of my goals was to secure a job in London. I knew it wouldn’t be easy as I needed visa sponsorship. I visited the careers team in my first week, just to say hello. I knew I could pop in whenever I needed advice. They helped me structure my CV, made my job search smarter and more strategic, and gave practical advice on recruitment, applications, and interviews.

What have you learned along the way?

It takes time, dedication, and determination. It took numerous applications—and rejections—for me to finally get that "Yes". That said, I learned a lot from it, and it definitely built my resilience. Start early, think about your career goals, take control of your time, and stay open to opportunities that weren’t necessarily your first choice.


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What will you change?


of master's grads changed country


of master's grads changed industry


of master's grads changed function

Which industries do master's graduates go on to work in?

“Hult students are not scared of dreaming big.”

Morten Nielsen


Technical Program Manager, Tesla

Founder, Extrude Consult

Master's in International Business, Class of 2019

You already had your own company, why do a master's?

During my undergrad, I started a product development consultancy company. These 3D-printed bow ties are just one of the products we've helped bring to market. But I wanted a master's to rely on, regardless of what happened with my startup. A one-year master's was perfect for me. I ran my company in Denmark from San Francisco while I studied.

Is Hult a good environment for entrepreneurs?

Here, I finally found my place among like-minded individuals. Hult is full of ambitious forward thinkers that want to make an impact on the world. Hult students are not scared of dreaming big.

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